Photos of New York

It’s a Friday, although with my life — there’s little difference from day to day to day. The work — my writing — is always there. It doesn’t go away. While this is nice, in a way (I can make my own hours), it can also be a bit frustrating — as I always feel that there’s more to be done.

This is part of the problem with today’s abundance of technology. It used to be that when you came home — you came home. There was no email, no ability to take your laptop to (God help you) Applebee’s and keep working.

Here are some photographs I took over the past two years in New York City. I lived in Brooklyn, in a third-floor walkup in Greenpoint, on Engert and McGuiness Boulevard. The Brookyln-Queens Expressway (BQE) was a hundred yards from my living room window.  

The photo of the flag is my favorite.

nypd_blue.jpg subway_photos.jpg hailing_a_cab.jpg possibly_an_unwise_purchase.jpg the_flag_at_night_between_skyscrapers.jpg

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