Thurn and Taxis

thurb.jpgMy family is a board-game-playing family.

There’s Carcasonne — the medieval fortress-building game (named after a walled city in France). And Ticket to Ride — the railroad empire game. And Settlers of Catan, a longtime hardcore gamer’s favorite — a game about colonization of a sci-fi/fantasy world.

My 75-year old father plays all of these games.

In certain circles, the fact that — at age 75 — he plays Settlers of Catan would make him very cool.

Admittedly, these are small circles.

We learned Thurn and Taxis last night. It is a game about mail delivery in medieval Germany. You build a mail delivery network between various central European cities. It was the 2006 Spielen des Jares (German Game of the Year).

Never — never — have I spent such an enjoyable three hours contemplating the vagaries of the German postal system.

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