The New Seward Highway


I first drove this road in 1988 — with my parents, when I was 12.

124 miles. The New Seward Highway.

It winds down along Turnagain Arm. The mountains rise precipitously from the edge of the asphalt. The vistas are deep and unbroken — with planes of water unfolding for miles from any given point.

I also feel like this might be the last time I drive this highway. My parents are getting older, and they don’t plan on coming up here next summer. So — without their presence — I don’t know that I will return.

Of course, I have been having this strange dream of wanting to backpack/bike around the world — a trip that would include Alaska. So there is a chance I’ll be back.  

But, most importantly — how can I be blue when it’s Couture Week in Paris?

2 thoughts on “The New Seward Highway

  1. The Seward Highway, one of the most dangerous stretches of road in America.

    I LOVED driving it (but walking or biking??!). The Turnagain Arm (great name and history) remains one of my favorite vistas.

  2. The history is crazy. You hear all sorts of local legends about the mud and the way it traps people when the tide goes out!

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