The New York Times Book Blog

vis1.jpgDwight Garner, an editor at the New York Times Book Review, writes a book blog for the Times: Paper Cuts.

This is a great, consistently interesting, occasionally sardonic daily post. It has a global scope, and the tone is appealing and lavishly educated. Basically, I’m a fan. Could you tell?

The web is overwhelming. Who knows what’s good and what’s not? Paper Cuts is good.

Also good — remarkable, really — is Mark Slouka’s new novel, The Visible World.

Hopefully, I will be able to go into more detail about the books I’m reading — at some point, soon. Today is rainy and grey. The clouds hide the mountains from view.

One thought on “The New York Times Book Blog

  1. See, the beauty of the web is that you get to decide what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s just not interesting to you.

    The problem before the web is that someone else would make decisions in an attempt to guarantee that everything they presented was good, but people still came to their own conclusions from a subset of that, and never got to see what didn’t get presented.

    In other words, individuals are coming to their own conclusions like they always have, but media organizations have less power to restrict what’s available.

    There are tools to make it all less overwhelming. Personally, I find bookstores just as if not more overwhelming than the web — I’ve only got so many dozens of years on this rock, so I could never read everything at City Lights. So through a combination of recommendations, interest focus and sheer whimsy, I take what I can and leave the rest.

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