In Portland

Well, I’m in Portland.

I’ve decided that the end of a relationship turns me into a mass-media consumer.

Suddenly, I’m listening to Top 40 radio stations with an urgent earnesty. Songs such as Rihanna and Jay-Z’s Umbrella — have taken on a new life.

Ah, I can feel my dearly-nurtured sense of irony evaporating. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “In Portland

  1. That’s the song of the summer dude… get with the program. (As long as you’re talking about the remix, that is, featuring Jay Z)

    P.S. Another fantastic song: Bartender by T Pain

  2. sleep walking through the all night drugstore
    baptized in flourescent light
    found religion in the greeting card aisle
    now I know Hallmark was right
    Cuz every pop song on the radio
    Is suddenly speaking to me
    Yeah art may imitate life
    But life imitates TV

  3. What is a normal relationship anyway? I have been engaged to a man three times now he lives with his family and im the bad guy now hes told them we are no longer together but he still comes over all the time

  4. Please, if you are going to use my photo on your blog, I must ask that you link it back to my Flickr Photo page, which is the original source. This image is copyrighted, and you are breaking copyright laws by having it on your blog without my permission.

    here’s the image I’m referring to:

    regarding dating

    If you do not want to link it back to my page, then please remove it from your blog. thanks.


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