Frying Eggs

23043788-1.jpgI have been trying to fry eggs.

They do not end up having the proper consistency. This has truly been bothersome. Either the butter ends up making them overly brown, or the yolk cracks as I try to flip it. And the taste has been off, somehow, as well.

I long for the perfect fried egg. I may have to stick to poaching them, which has been more successful.

Indeed. I know you’re interested. I know you are.

You are.

4 thoughts on “Frying Eggs

  1. A solution!!!! Basted eggs!
    Fry your eggs half way, then toss a tbsp of water into the pan and cover with a pot lid!
    The top will cook through, no yucky whites and a perfectly cooked bottom. Enjoy!

  2. try finding old friends. they can shed new light on old subjects. been waitin for ya man, trying to find you in the city.

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