Unsaid Things

clowndog.jpgI’ve been thinking a lot this week about the things that go unsaid at the end of a relationship. Perhaps this is because three of my exes have late November birthdays. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Scorpios.

At any rate, I think that the end of a relationship is especially hard on a writer. Because writing is about — in many ways — expressing your opinion to the world, to an imaginary audience about whom you care deeply.

So: What is a relationship other than exactly this thing?

A relationship is about expressing your self to an audience about whom you care deeply: Your partner.

Now, imagine if — as a writer — you suddenly lost your audience.

But I still have things to say! you’d think. I have points that are interesting and things about the world I want to communicate!

At the end of a relationship, you lose your audience — the audience for your emotions, and for a whole host of other stuff.

I think of tons of things every day that I want to communicate to people — and the very act of communicating my feelings is one that I value above most other experiences.

Anyhow. That’s that.

It sucks not to talk with your exes — that might be the point of this post.

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