Picture of a Rabbit

I have been reading Watership Down again.

I think it’s a better story than I could ever hope to tell.


I think I’m going to try to write about rabbits for the foreseeable future.


One thought on “Picture of a Rabbit

  1. pauls,

    i’ve been thinking a lot about where i’m headed after college, and i can’t help but remember the classes that i had with you almost 3 years ago. they were some of the best i’ve had here at uvm. it’s amazing–but not surprising– that i haven’t been able to find a teacher that is able to parallel your emphasis on both fun and intelligence. it’s actually quite a shame.
    i’ve often wondered what you were up to, and i’ll never forget how disappointed i was when you told us you weren’t coming back to teach. i think it was around the time you told the story of stealing the boat. i’m sure you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do, and i’m certainly envious. one particular memory that sticks out in my mind is when this kid, jamie, fell asleep in your class. you dismissed everyone and he was still sleeping. i remember it like it was yesterday, it’s actually kind of weird but that’s how the mind works. anyway, me, you, and big art femenella snuck out of the class and shut the lights off, knowing that the next class would come to find this poor kid sleeping. we even watched to make sure he didn’t wake up. man, what a riot. i plan on picking up your book sometime soon. hopefully it can provide some inspiration to continue my dream of becoming a writer. if you read this, try to get back to me. it would actually be really cool if you remembered any of this. hope all is well.

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