It is an interesting part of the year.

People scurry about, attempting to slip into new selves. Or at least new versions of their old selves. I, myself, am trying not to make any New Year’s resolutions. My life is functioning at approximately the level that I want it to be functioning, without any resolutions.

But — there is something that I think about again and again. Organization.

I am trying to be more organized. It is something that’s necessary, I think, for teaching. But it’s something I struggle with.

Last semester, I had two classes. I cared passionately about these classes. But I wasn’t able to communicate this passion to all of my students.

So, I thought to myself: What’s wrong? Why can’t they see that I’m passionate about the subject matter, all of them? And I guess that the main thing that I thought of was this: Disorganization can come across as not caring.

This is, of course, not true. A lack of organization can be the result of many things other than not caring. In my case, it was about efficiency. Though I allocated enough time to my job, I think, my efficiency was low during these hours, for a variety of reasons.

Anyhow. I’m not resolving to be more efficient or organized. Because I think that resolutions are kind of bullshit. The most effective changes happen gradually. So, hopefully, I am on track to be making slow — non-resolution-ish — changes.

And still manage to get my own writing done!

All the best. I wish you peace and health in the New Year.

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