Time, time, time.

Tom Waits is playing in my office this evening. I do love my office, even though I keep forgetting to move my computer to the other side of the room like I want to.

Not enough time in the day. Or in life, for that matter. Grading papers takes so much time!

Today I saw a film about Afghan bodybuilders.

AFGHAN MUSCLES was ok. The animation and the quality of the film, itself, were quite impressive. But you could definitely feel the filmmakers floundering — trying, somehow, to find a narrative arc. And they didn’t quite get there. But — without doubt — it will provide at least thirty seconds of interesting party conversation if you do go see this movie (somehow).

PERSON 1: I saw a movie about Afghan bodybuilders.

PERSON 2: Hmm. Interesting.

PERSON 1: Yeah. Body building’s really popular over there.


And there you go.



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