This Alcohol Is on Fire

911058690_69961686bf.jpgMy friend Todd Zuniga (the founding editor of Opium Magazine) suggests the following for my visit to Riga:

“The best bar in the city, by my count, was John Lemon’s — a divey sort of place where we had ‘hot shots.’ Half shot of vodka, half shot of absinthe, lit on fire and drank through a straw.”

I guess that this raised three questions in my mind:

1. John Lemon’s? Lemon — as in the citrus fruit?


2. Is it legal for me to drink that?

More importantly:

3. Will it hurt?

2 thoughts on “This Alcohol Is on Fire

  1. 🙂 I’m writing a piece that involves ‘The Old Absinthe House’ in New Orleans and came across ur pic– I dunno if u had “full” absinthe or some diluted muck, but I’d love to know what u though of it!
    …and I LOVE ‘Opium Mag’!!! Perfection!!

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