New Novel and New Semester and New Proust

proustHello, folks.

I’ve been quiet for a while. I was working — at the pace of about 1600 words a day — on my novel. And now, after four long years, it is actually done. Or at least a draft. The title is still at question, although I certainly have a working title — a title I love.

Other than this, what? Well, preparing to teach three (3) classes this term. 1. Advanced Fiction Writing. 2. The Literature of Immigration to America in the 20th Century. 3. The Rock and Roll Novel.

So, a lot of reading my favorite writers: Anne Michaels, Michael Ondaatje, Jessica Hagedorn, Kelly Link, Aleksandar Hemon, Jhumpa Lahiri, Dinaw Mengestu, le thi diem thuy. Not a bad job, all in all.

And, yes, I am reading Proust. This has become an obsession. A luxury. Shh. Quiet. He’s looking at you. Yes, you.

4 thoughts on “New Novel and New Semester and New Proust

  1. Proust?

    One of my favorite instructors, and a fan of French literature, once said she’d been trying to read Proust her entire life, but had never gotten past the first ten pages because they always put her to sleep. So, instead of having Proust praised to me, I got two years of praise for Colette. Reading Colette, at times, is like sex with the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. If I were to be the Christopher Reeves character in “Somewhere in Time” I would go back for Colette, or Audrey Hepburn.

    Anyway, I would love to try reading Proust someday, but have, instead, opted for Anthony Powell’s “A Dance to The Music of Time.”

    Congratulations, as well, on finishing the novel. I look forward to reading it.

    • Yes! The first 10 pages are the worst in the book! But it gets SO good. Unfortunately, I’m in heavy duty semester mode, and not reading much for pleasure over the past week!

  2. Congrats, Pauls! I remember we talked about book #2 at your book #1 party (the one at Brooklyn…A Public Space, I think?).

    The closest I’ve gotten to Proust is eating madeleines. I buy them from Costco. I think each one has like 350 calories. There have been times when I’ve reached the daily recommended calories of 2000 through madeleines alone…

    – Sung

    • Those Costco Madeleines are amazing! The Proust has been going steadily forward. I’ve been reading it at the gym, in the car, anywhere I have a spare moment. The section with the Madeleines, though, is justifiably famous (and beautiful). Though no word on whether Marcel shopped at Le Costco.

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