The Fall of the Berlin Wall

germancover2I was driving to work and listening to World Have Your Say on the BBC, and it suddenly occured to me: My book is primarily centered around the fall of the Berlin Wall.  And today is the 20th anniversary of that fall. And my book just came out in German, in March. And I haven’t said anything about it on my website. Nothing!

And so I wonder: Why are authors such terrible promoters, by and large?

Bad, bad Pauls.

Thanks to Amy Lemmon (whose book of poems, Saint Nobody, is wonderful, and just came out this year from Red Hen Press) for reminding me, as well. Why not post my cover? Why not link to the page for the book — which has a nifty trailer? Why not, indeed?

Coming soon: A short bit about a book by the journalist Tom Krattenmaker…

2 thoughts on “The Fall of the Berlin Wall

  1. promotion successful!
    not only am i in germany learning german at present, but i was in berlin on the 9th for the Mauerfall celebrations and i am taking a course on modern german literature that deals extensively with wall-era texts. so it looks like i’ll be checking out that amazon page… (which, on further coincidence, my high school english teacher is one of the original founders of, so i will be giving a little back to you both simultaneously 😉

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