A new semester brings me to the surface of this site, where I consider some of the things that matter to my life, such as it is. As you might expect I’m a huge Martha Coakley supporter, going into Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts — an election where, as always, there’s a lot at stake. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just win an election like 2008’s Presidential landslide — and then relax for a while.

The semester also makes me think about the thing I love to do: Talk about books. Why do I love to do this? Because I think that the experience of reading is removed from time, from linear time, and provides us with a nearly-boundless sense of depth and imaginative living. That’s why. Also: Books, not bombs. It’s an ideological thing.

I’m still working on the novel, the novel that’s set, at least in part, in Cairo. It looks good, so far, and I can do nothing but keep progressing! Here’s a photo of downtown Cairo and the Nile.

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