My Baby, My Zen Master

20 Lessons from Phineas and Beatrix

  1. Always chew on your hands.
  2. Gulp your milk.
  3. Burp and fart without shame.
  4. Roll over! Then roll back!
  5. Big laughter shakes your feet.
  6. Smile despite your lack of teeth.
  7. Look: It’s four am!
  8. Socks are delicious.
  9. Joy is a virus.
  10. Darkness: The frame for silence.
  11. Diapers, laughter.
  12. Remember the ceiling? It’s incredible.
  13. Use your lungs all you can.
  14. Sing to the people you love.
  15. Clothes change the way you look; clothes don’t change the way you look.
  16. Jump!
  17. No, really: Jump!
  18. Sleep can always happen.
  19. Talking is sly.
  20. Life is a fragile miracle.

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