Dave Niehaus (1935-2010)

A part of my life has disappeared from the earth, today. He was, in many ways, my friend, my companion, the voice I’ve listened to for more hours than any other in the world. I am deeply saddened. Good luck, Dave. Safe travels, wherever you are.


From my post on June 16, 2007:

“…But what I realized is something interesting about baseball announcers. Players come and go. As do managers, front office personnel, even stadiums. But Dave Niehaus has been the voice of the Mariners for 30 years.

The point seems obvious — but still…

When I was an 8 year old kid first listening to games on the radio (on KIRO 710), to whom did I listen? Dave Niehaus. Who announced the Mariners when I was a pimply, unhappy teenager? Dave Niehaus. When I was driving home from having lost my virginity? Check. Dave Niehaus. When I ended up in Seattle after my grisly divorce, who did I listen to in order to get through those difficult summer months? Indeed.

Broadcasters are the easiest of friends. They keep you company — faithfully, dependably — and you know exactly what they will give to you.



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