Mubarak Dissolves Government

I watched him say, almost pleading: “My fellow citizens, I am talking to you now, not only as your President, but also as an Egyptian, as someone who has exhausted his life for this country, in times of war and peace…” – 1/28/11

He also said: “There is a fine line between freedom and chaos. And while I take the side of the citizens trying to express their views, I must defend the state of Egypt…” – 1/28/11

“I will die on the soil of Egypt.” – 2/1/11

To think of the President of a nation of 82 million people giving this kind of speech — it’s possibly unprecedented:

“Hosni Mubarak, who’s speaking to you today, is proud of all the long years he’s spent in the service of people of Egypt. This dear country is my country, just like it is the homeland of every Egyptian man and woman.

I have lived in this country. I have fought for it. I have defended its sovereignty and interest, and I will die on its land, and history will judge me and others.”

This speech, today, was deeply moving, to an outsider. For me — someone who hasn’t lived underneath Mubarak’s rule — it was difficult to imagine a politician invoking this kind of rhetoric.

Here is a full transcript:

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