Remarkable Statistic on Yao Jiaxin and Executions

Keith B. Richburg has an interesting article about the death penalty in China in Section A of The Washington Post, today.

The focus of the piece is the recent case of Yao Jiaxin — a wealthy music student who committed a murder during a traffic accident. Jiaxin was executed earlier this month for his crime. The article focused on a debate that arose surrounding that execution. Should he be granted clemency because his crime was committed in a fit of passion, and he turned himself in?

What I found fascinating, though, was this statistic:

Number of Executions in 2010, Worldwide Ranking

1. China: 6000, approximately (which is astonishing, since it means almost 20 per day)

2. Iran: 252

3. North Korea: 60

4. Yemen: 53

5. United States: 46


We’re Number 5! The remarkable thing is the company we’re keeping, as a nation.

One thought on “Remarkable Statistic on Yao Jiaxin and Executions

  1. Official statistics aren’t easy to come by in China. I found suicide to be another interesting topic––it’s sort of like the polar opposite of the United States. How morbid.

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