Life and Work Update

Hello, folks.

I was just thinking about the past few months — and what a remarkable time it has been! Lots of things going on in the world of writing and the world of babies. Beatrix walked on August 18th, followed by Phineas on September 3rd. And now, in January, they are both running around the house, intent on destroying themselves and everything around them. Beatrix has been talking more and more — adding, “all gone,” to her vocabulary, along with “bath time,” and “nap time,” and — perhaps worryingly — “no!”

Phineas continues to be quite enamored of graham crackers.

In writing a lot has happened, too. I’ve signed the contracts for the German translation, approved a provisional draft of a cover (which could be really beautiful, I think) — and finalized the text of the book, in typescript. Galleys are just a couple weeks away. There’s been some turmoil at the publishing house, too.

I finished a promotional box for EVEL KNIEVEL DAYS, which includes a recipe (for Christian-Muslim Cooperation Baklava), as well as a piece of that baklava. Wordstock is coming to town. I’m going to be introducing Diana Abu-Jaber, Michael Ondaatje, and Charles Yu. The semester, with its idiosyncratic rhythms, is in full-swing. The Harper’s article is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

I’ve published a number of pieces — in Brevity, The Rumpus, The Millions, and Salon. I thought I’d collect all of them, here, in this single post, with links. There’s more soon — a Soapbox feature for Publisher’s Weekly — and some other things.

An Essay on a Rodeo in Brevity:

6 Egyptians Writers You Should Know in The Millions:

An Interview with Mansoura Ez-Eldin in The Rumpus:

A short story imagining Gadhafi’s final days in Salon:

A profile of the Percy siblings in Salon:

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