Another Great Review for Evel — This Time from Booklist

Here is the text of the review — another great one — this time from Booklist. There seems to be a little bit of buzz and momentum building!


This charming coming-of-age novel chronicles a young man’s search for his father.

Khosi Saqr has lived his entire life in Butte, Montana, where he was raised by his mother, Amy, after his father, Akram, left them to return to Egypt. Now in his early twenties, Khosi works at the Copper King Mansion Museum, a paean to his great-great-grandfather William Andrews Clark, a miner who struck it rich in the late 1800s.

Khosi doesn’t have any desire to leave Butte until his father shows up in town just long enough to catch a glimpse of Khosi, and ask Amy for a divorce. Upset that his father didn’t try to reach out to him, Khosi makes a bold decision to go to Cairo and track him down. What he finds when he goes to Cairo is that his father is harboring secrets from Amy, his family, and Khosi himself.

Humor and heart distinguish Toutonghi’s second outing (Red Weather, 2006), and the quirky, appealing Khosi is bound to enchant readers.

— Kristine Huntley, Booklist

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