Book Release Party with The No Tomorrow Boys

Did you miss it? The No Tomorrow Boys played an incredible set @ The Graeter Art Gallery. They were raucous and loud and someone threw an empty beer can at Danny Dodge, the lead singer. He picked it up — bit a hole in it — and then threw it back into the crowd. This was perhaps my favorite moment of the evening.

Another highlight? The great work of Para Llevar — the catering company helmed by Chris Bailey, and staffed by Lewis & Clark College student Wade Higgins. They did great things tonight — starting with their posole, and extending to the small bites that they served (fried chick peas and a delicious fennel marmalade toast).

Rainier Brewing was an incredible sponsor — and we will add more photographs to the webpage. But yes — excellent, all around. And the reading at Powells was terrific, with a song by my lovely wife, Peyton Marshall. It was so wonderful to see you all. Hooray!

If you did miss it — I have my last Portland reading for a while at Broadway Books on Wednesday, July 25 — at 7pm. Some special things in store for that event…

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