Directions On Your iPhone?

You know those stories about iPhone directions leading people astray — in the winter, and they run out of gas, and try to walk, and freeze to death, or get eaten by a bear? Well — I had that moment today. Thankfully, it wasn’t winter. And I had a fair amount of gas (but not enough to be comfortable).

“Take this much more direct route to Boise,” my iPhone suggested. She’s such a clever little minx, Siri.

I followed her and ended up on the rockiest road I’ve ever driven — up in the mountains, wildfires everywhere, smoke in big clouds above the highway. I crossed the Montana/Idaho border at Bannock Pass, Elevation 7,672 feet. That’s almost 2500 feet higher than Denver.

Here are some photographs of the highlights. The photograph of the wildfires is a bit provisional — since I was fleeing from the flames. As you can see, I did make it safely to Boise — where I am excited to read, tomorrow night, at Rediscovered Books.

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