Pauls Toutonghi – Evel Knievel Days

Butte, Montana to Cairo, Egypt — in one great leap.

Boise and Twin Falls

Highlights from my time in Boise: A reading at the beautiful shop, Rediscovered Books, in downtown. A gentleman asked me, following the reading, to sign his motorcycle helmet. He was an ex-miner from Butte.

Then — on August 3rd — by serendipitous coincidence, Gillian Welch was playing in town — at the Egyptian Theatre, no less. She was terrific, on the last date of her American tour for Summer 2012.

I also saw the car — a bright green 1939 Dodge coupe — that I am clearly supposed to buy, and drive forever, until End of Days.

In Twin Falls, I found “Novel Writing” Magazine. If only I’d known it existed. I would have been able to publish this novel so much sooner.


2 comments on “Boise and Twin Falls

  1. Oh what a delightful series of events! And swell photos too. (But now I have a typically melancholy “built to spill” song, twin falls, in my head-that can’t have heard for a decade-.) Hope your travels continue to go well.

    • paulstoutonghi
      August 6, 2012

      Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho is my oldest memory.

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