The Singularity (And a Terrific Review from The Washington Post)

Here we are. In a hacker house in Palo Alto. A long conversation about The Singularity. It is a tech rapture — as near as I can tell. We will make a choice to merge our minds with each other, or maybe with the totality of human knowledge, or perhaps all knowledge, not just human knowledge? What would Tolstoy have made of this?

Ah, book tour. You are so so strange.

I miss Phineas and Beatrix, today. The Washington Post has said some nice things about the novel. A good quote?

“For a more satisfying and altogether more original comedy about the dejected American male, turn to Pauls Toutonghi’s second novel, “Evel Knievel Days.” A half-Egyptian and half-Latvian American who lives in Seattle, Toutonghi has a light touch that can dart between slapstick and deadpan humor.”



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