Granta Magazine Publishes Heliopolis Piece

Here it is. Finally, after so many months. 17 months. And many delays. And a switch of magazines. And a Mariners’ victory in the World Series.

Aha! Caught you napping. The Mariners’ didn’t win the World Series. You were reading that text but not paying attention to what it said. Here is the link to the Granta piece. I am biased — but I think it looks terrific. Feel free to write me and tell me it looks terrific. This will lift my spirits.

Above are two street signs from Bucktown, the neighborhood in Chicago where I just stayed. “Leave it, Shakespeare,” I said to myself, again and again, in varying tones. “Leave it, Dickens.”

Ah, the humor that arises from spending many, many hours alone in a Toyota Corolla, listening to War and Peace

Chicago was nice, and then Milwaukee was nice, too. Lots of great events — but winding down now. Tomorrow: Wichita. Then only Iowa City and Minneapolis. And possibly New York/Boston in the Fall. That’s it.

Or am I coming to your town? Have you requested me on

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