Fabulous Review at the LA Review of Books

The LA Review of Books just published a review of my new novel, Evel Knievel Days. It’s a really great review, and this is an excerpt from it:

“Like Tolstoy, Toutonghi knows that some ties can’t be severed. Those invisible cords that spiral through time, binding all families, happy or unhappy, together. “Your parents are proprietary,” he writes. “They might not know it, and you might not know it, but they’re yours. And the things you say about them, they are balanced by a weight of equal, unsaid things, a weight of memory, that is heavy and broad and almost tactile.”

“In the end nothing works out the way Khosi plans, and the book is better for it. Because at its heart, this is a story about love’s messier triumphs, the ones we don’t plan for. It’s a celebration of the simple fact that love exists and that we have the capacity to experience it, even if only for a time.”

Here is a link to the full review.

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