Die Sphinx Von Montana!

Quite a week on the Evel Knievel Days front. Just when I thought some of the hubbub of the tour was subsiding — along came early October — with two Tin House events in support of the fabulous Portland/Brooklyn issue, and Wordstock. (Promo video here!).

And then the German cover came through — using the same cover art as the Random House/Crown edition — but with a new title, “The Sphinx of Montana.” Terrific. Rowohlt Berlin is such a fabulous house.

Then, the Great Falls Tribune published a review of Evel. Here is a link.

And the inimitable Roxane Gay, in her Fall Reading Roundup, reviewed the book. She wrote:

“This novel succeeds largely on the strength of its protagonist who is complex and charming and you cannot help but root for him. There is an epilogue at the end of Evil Knievel Days, that acknowledges the Egyptian protests and overthrow of Mubarak. In the epilogue, Khosi talks about what he saw during the protests, because he has stayed in Cairo, and is at the airport, waiting for Natasha to visit. While I don’t normally like epilogues, this one seems fitting— it reveals how hard it is for literature to keep up with an ever-changing world.”

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. Now, back to obsessing about the elections.

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